Thanksgiving Labyrinth Escape Game

Thanksgiving Labyrinth Escape

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You always celebrate Thanksgiving in your home. For this year, your friend invites you to celebrate Thanksgiving with him. You've known him since birth and you were neighbors back then. However, he moved to another country when his parents divorced. You lost contact with him and you're thinking you'll never see him again. But a message from him enters your inbox. You can't believe after so many years, he'll make time to contact you and even see you. You're not so sure if you want to see him again though. Sadness fills your day every time you remember the day he left. And you don't want to be reminded of it again. You didn't reply as you think things through. But he might be wondering what's making your reply so late. So he calls you to know your decision. You're not good with calls so you just say yes.

You can't escape his invitation anymore. Upon arriving at the forest, you can't help but see the forest as more beautiful than before. You wait for your friend to arrive. But as the hours go by, not a sight of him can be seen. You're wondering where he is. Before the sunset, you decide to leave the place. But you can't. Play Thanksgiving Labyrinth Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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