Thanksgiving Golden Turkey Quest Game

Thanksgiving Golden Turkey Quest

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Let's all try this adventure here around the dark forest which has a very valuable secret. Thanksgiving Golden Turkey Quest is the newest point and click animal retrieval escape game from WoW Escape for more dose of daily fun with us!

The now called thanksgiving forest is actually the dark forest in the medieval times for a very obvious reason, things are very grimy and in the shadows there, people tend to stay away from the place because nothing is really there but darkness and potentially, death! But just a hundred years ago, people have accounts of seeing a very beautiful creature and that is a golden turkey! From there, people and some hunters have started to search for that potential treasure of the place. One of them was Spencer.

Spencer decided he'll have to find that thing for when he was young, he managed to almost get it and the creature was only a few inches away from him! But he regretted that he didn't grab it or even stroke it, well today he won't make the same mistake again and he'll get that golden turkey if it's the last thing he'll do. Escape players, come and join the golden turkey hunt here with Spencer, be very careful in the forest and keep your eyes open for that something shiny.

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