Thanksgiving Fruit Harvest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Fruit Harvest Escape

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After Halloween, the village now prepares for thanksgiving and that's why people are harvesting their turkeys there and also some farm produce. There were even pumpkins left for harvest but guess the villagers have already had enough of that. That day, Denver wanted to harvest more produce and this time from the wild for he wasn't able to prepare enough for this year's harvest and he doesn't have a choice really. And so, Denver went to the nearby forest and he is confident for he had done this kind of thing before and there is always something there. But little did he know there was something else and he never expected that!

Denver saw the sun slowly going down and he thought, it's time to hurry-up for he doesn't want to be in the forest after the sun goes down. But because he was in a haste, that got him lost and at the moment, he seems to be in an area not even familiar to him! Denver thought where was he anyways? He knows every place in the village and this here he doesn't really know! Maybe he is now in another village or something and that's not good, for there are no other villages near theirs and the next one was really far! Escape players, Denver already has what he is looking for and the problem is he is lost. Will you help him out so he can return home to his family?

Thanksgiving Fruit Harvest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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