Thanksgiving Forest Game

Thanksgiving Forest

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Come and join us on the escape adventure here! Thanksgiving Forest is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Fun Escape Games. Best of luck!

Between the borders of the country, there is a huge forest which is a huge indicator of the incoming occasion which was thanksgiving, for the trees there turns orange thanks to the season of fall and when it does, the people prepare. Luther was in that same forest for he was searching for turkeys which lives wildly in that place and he knows he should have just bought one, but they were poor and can only come-by with what nature can provide. Luther just wants his family to experience thanksgiving as best as he can but unfortunately, he got lost in the forest and that definitely halted his search.

Luther had to stop and find the way back for his safety is important here, but that won't be easy though for he had already ventured too far in the forest just to find some turkeys, he'll just have to find his way back first and quickly too before it gets dark. Escape players, come and join Luther here as he finds the way back before the worst of the situation arises. Have fun venturing in the forest at fall.

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