Thanksgiving Fire Forest Escape

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Rendon can see that the forest is now burning! This is not good, for it is currently too dry there and if this fire spreads then it’s going to be a massive inferno. Luckily Rendon knows some of the spirits there in the forest, and one of them can even call for rain! He will now head to this said spirit’s lair to ask it for rain, he knows he’ll need to gather some things first and bring it to the spirit, which he is prepared to do anyways.

Escape players, this is not the time for the forest to burn for a lot of things will be affected there. Will you help Rendon save the flora and the fauna in this forest by asking a spirit for rain to drench the flames?

Thanksgiving Fire Forest Escape is the newest point-and-click wilderness rescue game created by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Thanksgiving Fire Forest Escape

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