Thanksgiving Find The Gift Box Game

Thanksgiving Find The Gift Box

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You find yourself in an enchanting place after talking to a hermit. He used to live in a cave inside the forest. But as more and more people discovered the cave, he became restless. People just wanted to know what he was doing there and the reason for his staying there. He was a hermit and he simply didn't like socializing much. So he set out to travel to a new secluded place where no one could find him. You didn't know you were traveling on his path as well. You met him by accident after trying to run after a squirrel. That squirrel seemed to have the ability to talk. However, you weren't able to prove it since your attention fell on the hermit. He looked at you calmly and asked you not to follow the squirrel anymore. You smiled awkwardly and attempted to leave.

Then again, the hermit spoke once more. He said the path you were taking is correct. But there were much more to do for you to reach your goal. He continued walking on changing the surroundings as he did. So that was how you got yourself here. Play Thanksgiving Find The Gift Box outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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