Thanksgiving Fairytale Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Fairytale Forest Escape

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The forest is like a fairy-tale and it's absolutely so, for the place is being inhabited by strange creatures and is also being engulfed by magic! Only people who have a pure heart and a good intention can find the place, otherwise they are just going to get lost in the outer forest. One of the persons who are allowed to enter is the hunter Mac and even though he harvests goods from the magical forest and he knows it, he has good intentions so that's why he is able to enter from time to time.

That day it was thanksgiving in the country, well even though Mac is far away from any civilization, he still celebrates it. He celebrates it by placing a big turkey in the middle of the table and shares it with his magical friends who lives in the area. Mac managed to capture one and he is now ready to go home, he only takes what he needs and leave, but somehow the forest seems to be irritable that day, for somehow he could no longer find his way home easily! It was strange, but he thought it might just be the forest testing him or something. Escape players, want to help Mac here escape so he can journey again for home and serve thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving Fairytale Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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