Thanksgiving Dark Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Dark Forest Escape

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You took a video of a forest you visited abroad. Although you haven't been in many forests, you still feel like this one was the best among them. Maybe it was not just because of its physical aspect but also because of the emotions it sent you. You felt so at peace at that place and you somehow didn't want to leave. Back home, you tried to look for more information about the forest you visited. Then you saw a legend regarding that area. It was believed that a goddess lives in that forest. She was very peaceful and calm. She enjoyed every bit of nature the reason why she chose to stay there. You totally agreed with the reason of the goddess for staying there. But something dark slowly crept up to the forest. And the once beautiful destination turned into a scary one.

You felt so bad seeing the changes that took place. You thought it would always be the same. Yet you couldn't just sit and do nothing. So you flew back to the forest you once loved to try and figure out a way to turn in back to normal. You had no idea how but you know you have to be there to know. Play Thanksgiving Dark Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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