Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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It’s thanksgiving and Basil made a nice dish which he will be giving-out to his friends in the neighborhood. He tested-out a smaller version of the dish first just to see if he’ll get it. He actually did! But now it is locked inside the room there for he could not open the door to it.

Basil will now resort to finding the key to this room so he can get the dish. What’s wrong with the door to it anyways? It’s likely that he had accidentally lock it when he went out. Escape players, Basil needs a little assistance here so he can open the room, will you be able to help him find the key then so he can get his dish out?

Thanksgiving Cornucopia is the newest point-and-click indoor retrieval game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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