Thanksgiving Brighten Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Brighten Forest Escape

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It's thanksgiving again but Tanya decided to celebrate it deep in the brighten forest where a strange place is and it's not really a pretty normal one. On her way to the area, Tanya is starting to see the strange things along the path and that signifies that she is getting nearer in the heart of the magical place where her mythical friends lives, but guess they are not mythical anymore. Tanya always enjoys the adventure leading there, but somehow as she goes however she might have missed something and now she seems to be lost!

What in the world? Tanya is very confused now for she is really not a stranger in the place and usually the area would place illusions to people who has bad intentions, but she had been there many times and her intentions would never be bad. But something seems to be happening there and Tanya is going to get to the bottom of that, but first she needs to find her way there so she can do that. Escape players, this is going to be an adventure into the secret parts of the brighten forest, so will you help Tanya solve this problem and quickly? This won't be easy and Tanya knows that.

Thanksgiving Brighten Forest Escape is the newest point and click strange wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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