Thanksgiving Adventure Game

Thanksgiving Adventure

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Ever since you were in primary grades, you always liked being alone. When others were usually afraid of walking alone on the corridors, you saw no difference. In fact, you simply liked the feeling of not minding anyone. However, as you grew older, the demand to interact with others was higher. And it made you super uncomfortable. Of course, there were times when you didn't mind the company. But most of the time, you're looking for a place where no one can talk to you. You just want to be alone with your thoughts. And you were more productive that way. Then again, you worked in a school with many kids. And younger kids don't really understand the meaning of personal space. So most of the time, when you want to take a break from their presence, they were still there. You didn't want to drive them away.

So for the weekend, you wanted to be somewhere where you don't have to worry about others. The forest seemed like a perfect place to just be with yourself. However, after a few minutes of being in the forest, you saw a turkey wandering. You figured out it was looking for its home. And you already knew what you should do. Play Thanksgiving Adventure outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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