Thanks Giving Party Room Escape Game

Thanks Giving Party Room Escape

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You found it hard to believe that your friend was still celebrating Thanksgiving this late. However, she was so passionate about it that you couldn't tell her otherwise. Instead, you went over to her house to help her prepare. But she informed you that she won't be having the party at her property. She looked for a house to use where she wouldn't mind the mess after. She liked having people around. Yet she never enjoyed the aftermath of parties. Her helper was on a break. So she had no one to help her. This house had people to prepare for the party and to clean after it. She paid a bigger amount and it didn't even bothered her. She would be more bothered if you asked her to take care of things herself. So you just watched at the side while she gave her orders.

You wanted to see the rest of the house. You walked around and tried to look for something fun to do while the party was going on. Then you discovered a hidden door. And you tried getting in. It was dark at first. But the lights automatically turned on. It freaked you out and you wanted to leave. But it took a while for you to find the exit. When you returned, the party was over and you were locked inside. Play Thanks Giving Party Room Escape room escape game by Escape 007 Games.

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