Thanksgiving Goat Escape

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In all of the goats in the village, there is one that is not typical, it is a unique kind of animal and it very much differs from the rest of the goats there. Well that’s because this one wears Christmas outfits and walks like a person! One would think somebody just put a costume on that goat and make it walk around the place as it was trained, well that’s just half of the truth though, for this goat was also intelligent like a human and everyone in the village there knows about it! Even you escape players!

They call this goat the thanksgiving goat for he roams around the place whenever a celebration there ends in success. He will do it again now for Christmas had just passed successfully, but at the moment though he needs a little help and it’s quite serious. People are waiting for this goat to roam around but he still wasn’t out, well how can he be there for right now he is actually trapped inside some house there! Escape players, it’s a good thing you found him, now you have to get him out delicately from the place so he can go roam around then. Will you be able to free him safely?

Thanksgiving Goat Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Thanksgiving Goat Escape

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