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Terror Horror Fun

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You tried almost every ride in this theme park but you still can't feel the thrill. Because of this, you continued to walk around until you saw this horror house. The sign says that attraction will make you feel so alive as your heart pounds energetically. With this, you quickly went inside this terror horror fun. The combination of horror and fun is really great. But what's not great is the fact that you lost your way. This horror house is like a huge maze and there are puzzles in every corner. But if you thought that this house is just all about fun, you are wrong. Things get scarier as you walk through this place. Because of this, you have to be quick and use your logic to solve the puzzles. The good thing is that there are clues that can help you out.

But to make your escape easier and quicker, you have to collect objects along the way that can lead you to the way out. There is a timer within this terror horror fun house and you have to beat that. Can you make it? Play Terror Horror Fun outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games and try to escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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