Terrible Halloween Cat Escape

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There is this place near the town where it is always Halloween! Nobody goes there for well not only it is not easy to navigate, the place is filled with terrors concerning Halloween! But that day though Rene is suppose to go in there for as said to her she is the only one who can do this mission.

The mission is to find this Halloween cat somewhere in there and rescue it! Now that’s the last thing Rene wanted to do for she is really terrified of the place, but this mission was given by the white witch of the town to her and she is definitely legit for she had protected the entire place for years and whatever she says must be done for it’s the safety of everyone. Rene doesn’t understand completely  why this mission was only to be done by her, even though she was explained that she was the reincarnation of someone important and she was the only one who can do this rescue. Rene was promised to be given answers though when she comes back, but for now she must do this and quickly too for there isn’t much time. Escape players, Rene needs a little help here for this mission won’t surely be easy. Will you be able to guide her so she can get where she needs to be and do this potentially dangerous rescue?

Terrible Halloween Cat Escape is a new scary animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Terrible Halloween Cat Escape

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