Temperate Rainforest Escape Game

Temperate Rainforest Escape

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Far from the other rainforest in the world, this one is temperate. This is the reason why you love to stay in this rainforest. In fact, you come here very often to explore. This place is quite relaxing but what you are about to find out not too relaxing. Since this rainforest is temperate, there are so many wild animals that live in here. The problem is, they don't want any humans to join their club. There's nothing you can do but to escape from this rainforest. However, there are challenges that you have to conquer before you can escape. You have to solve puzzles in this forest and those puzzles are quite hard. Therefore, you will need clues and hints that can help you out. Each puzzle that you can solve can lead you to the right path.

So, you have to start right now and walk through the rainforest before it gets dark. There are also useful items that you can collect along the way. You just have to use your logic to use those items perfectly. Temperate Rainforest Escape is another exciting outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule that will test your escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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