Teen Girl

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Your friend really likes reading about witches. Ever since you were younger, her favorite shows all have witches in them. You don’t find it weird. You’re actually with her watching all the series. However, you’re not as dedicated as she is when it comes to collecting merchandises and dressing as one. Her fashion is like a witch now. She doesn’t necessarily have a witch’s hat or dress, but it’s definitely inspired by a witch. Likewise, no one will truly mistake her for a witch as she is one beautiful and kind girl. People even sometimes call her an angel. And you can’t disagree with them. You’re walking home everyday. But this time, someone approaches her and speaks in a strange language. Your friend’s about to answer when you stop her. You completely understand what the stranger is saying and you’re pretty sure she’s a witch.

Then suddenly, the stranger waves her cape, grabs your friend and disappears. You aren’t fast enough to stop her. However, you know where to find them. You’re one of the guardians of the mortals and you have to retrieve one of your responsibilities, your friend. So off you go to the enchanted forest to rescue your friend. Play Teen Girl outdoor escape game by Games 2 Dress.

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