Tedious Room Escape

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You have a big house for a person living alone. Most of the time you’re at work. So you only go home when it’s time to eat or sleep. You actually like going home. It’s your sanctuary away from the work vibes of your workplace. When you’re at home, you feel so at ease since you have nothing much to do there. You feel all these good things about your home for a while. But one morning, it is raining and your boss calls you so you don’t have to report to work. You smile from ear to ear upon hearing his words. Then you instantly go back to bed and enjoy the remaining hours of sleep you can have. You finally get to do the things you wish. You read a book, you try to cook some dish, and you even do you laundry. But this continues for days.

On the third day, you feel like you run out of things to do. So you end up just looking outside the window. Just then, you remember you still have one thing you haven’t tried. And that is to lose your own key. So you take out your key and toss it randomly inside the house with your eyes shut. Now you have to search for it. Run away from boredom by playing Tedious Room Escape room escape game by G7 Games.

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