Tawny Owl Escape From Hut Game

Tawny Owl Escape From Hut

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You have been trying your best to try and find this tawny owl of yours that didn't come back and it's weird that it didn't, for you have raised it from a chick and it never really left you for too long like this. But that day however it didn't really return and you thought maybe something happened to it! That night, you were still around looking for that owl for the animal is nocturnal, maybe you'll find it flying around as you look around the trees. Well fortunately you did! But it's not in a good situation though and you knew then what had happened to it.

You found an old house in an area a little bit free of trees and when you slowly entered it, you found a cage and in it was your owl! You immediately called for anybody but there was no response, this might be a local hunter's hut and at the moment he or she is not at home. Well you still need to be careful as you take back your owl here, for that hunter might be behind you ready to strike for he or she thinks you are a thief! Escape players, you just wanted your owl back and because there was nobody home, then you need to do this and carefully, for you have no idea who this place belongs to and what's in here that's in-store for the likes of you. Will you be able to rescue your owl so you can get home then?

Tawny Owl Escape From Hut is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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