Tardigrade Room Escape Game

Tardigrade Room Escape

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There awas once a huge tardigrade who loves eating so much that he kept growing. He could easily be the largest tardigrade there is. Besides that, everybody knows him as a kind and gentle giant. Meanwhile, the other tardigrades bully him so he went away. In the meantime, he settled just outside of town where people would sometimes see him looking for food. He went to a house this time, but nobody was there. During that time, wanting to get out to get out, he realizes that the door is locked and this house is full of different kinds of puzzles. He is interested in solving these puzzles and took on the challenge so he can get out finally and look elsewhere. Tardigrades are said to be one of the biggest survivals in nature. Could you please help him survive this situation too?

Tardigrade Room Escape is our newest game developed by Ainars.

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