Take The Treasure Box

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You are not a saint but you know the difference between good and bad. And stealing alone is already bad. But to do it at a sacred place? Everyone in the village is shook when the place they see the safest is also prone to stealing. You can’t deny it too. Somehow your belief in humanity is slowly disappearing just like the thin line between good and evil. However, you know you can’t fall into the trap of helplessness. You need to be the light when everybody else is willing to just stay in the dark. So you meditated in your room for a long time. You want to make sure that if you do take a step, you’ll complete the journey. After a while, you plan your actions. You have a clue as to where the thief may have passed through.

You took up that path that leads you the cave. A few of your fellow villagers help in figuring out the location. Then you ask them to leave the rest to you. You know the cave very well for you always stay here when you want to be away from the harshness of life. But you still need to figure out the hiding place of the treasure box and at the same time open the way for your escape. Play Take The Treasure Box room escape game by Avm Games.