Swimming Pool Game

Swimming Pool

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Fabio's dream of renting a luxurious house in the coastal area have finally been realized, he stayed for a week there and it's really a dream come true for him, but as always though everything has an end and because Fabio doesn't really own the place, his stay there have finally ended. Fabio needs to present his key now to the reception for he might get charged there for not making it on time, but there was a problem though and unfortunately it was that key that gave the inconvenience!

Fabio lost his keys and it's really getting him concerned now, well even though he can afford the missing item charge and the overstay fee combined in just one sweep, Fabio is quite the stingy person and really he doesn't want to spend on something which was in the first place avoidable, that's why he was able to afford the stay there. Well escape players, Fabio is really in some trouble here and he needs help now, will you be able to give him so before things here gets worst which it possibly can in any way?

Swimming Pool is the newest point and click area escape game created by Hidden247.

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