Swimming Pool Escape Game

Swimming Pool Escape

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You were having a nice dip into the pool when you saw something. Looks like there's a small hurricane in the middle of the pool and due to curiosity, you went near it. But because of the water pressure, it sucked you into the mystery hole. You thought that it was the end of your world but to surprise, the little hurricane brought you to a secret place. You are not aware that there is a secret room beneath this swimming pool. It's quite an amazing place but one thing that you noticed is that, there are so many puzzles in the place. In there, you learned that you have to solve all the puzzles before you can resurface from the pool. It's so weird yet exciting. You are so happy to discover this secret place but you don't want to stay in here forever.

Therefore, you have to start looking for clues that can help you to solve all the puzzles. You can also collect items which you think can help you for your escape. Swimming Pool Escape is a brand new room escape game from 8b Games that will test your logic and your escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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