Sweety House Escape Game

Sweety House Escape

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Come and try the escape adventure here with us. Sweety House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games for more dose of fun with us everyday. Enjoy!

The village had finally been renovated to an awesome and clean place, the uninhabited houses have been built-up and was turned into luxurious abodes for the new people to take residence there. Larry was one of those people who selected a fully-furnished home and after a few days, he was now staying there making himself at home. The luxurious house was absolutely sweet and Larry liked it, but when finally he was able to fully adjust in the place, a problem came-up and it wasn't good at all.

Something in the house just ticked and after that, Larry is trapped inside the house for the doors would not mysteriously open! Larry got really confused what's happening and then a thought came to him, maybe this place is haunted? For it is said that the place was built from the old village and that former one was really old, that could be an explanation, but Larry must find the way out of the house first before something else happens. Escape players, care to join the game here with Larry and see if you can escape the luxurious house? Good luck then everyone and have fun!

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