Swallow Bird Escape Game

Swallow Bird Escape

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In-order for the kingdom to communicate with it's forts scattered across the land, they use different kinds of birds and most common are doves and swallow birds. At times, those messages sent can be a simple hello and how are you doing, but it gets serious on occasions that an unknown battalion is approaching from the sea! That day was that same dreaded day and because the situation couldn't possibly get any worst, it unfortunately did! As a fort official, Meser could not understand why his messages are not being relayed back whenever something so important such as this is being sent, so he followed one swallow with a very important message and there he found-out that the birds are actually being shot-down by the rival kingdom and the messages then are being read and sent back differently! So that's why this is happening, and so Meser has a very serious job which he can only do now.

Meser decided to infiltrate the rival kingdom's turret and find the important messages there, he can also do more for revenge but there isn't much time before that potential enemy he spotted coming from the sea finally arrives. Escape players, this going to be a quick and potentially dangerous animal rescue Meser has, will you join him on this daring operation?

Swallow Bird Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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