Sushi Cafe Escape Game

Sushi Cafe Escape

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Konnichiwa! You are at your favorite Japanese restaurant and what other food should you order but the sushi? This is Sushi Cafe is where you can find the best sushi. You ordered ten pieces of sushi but since there so many customers in the restaurant, you will have to wait for long hours. The waiter asked you if you are willing to wait for 2 hours, and you said yes. You read your favorite book while you are waiting for them to serve your sushi but you fell asleep. When you woke up, the cafe is already close. The cafe has a strict policy that customers should not be disturbed so they did not wake you up. You are all alone in the restaurant. You have to wait for another 8 hours for the opening and you can't wait for that long.
Escape from the Sushi Cafe by collecting items that you can use. Use those items to open the locked door. You can also find clues inside the cafe that can help you to escape. Sushi Cafe Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game created by Ainars and Iren for Escape Fan. Solve the puzzles to complete this best escape game! Good luck!

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