Superpower Boy Escape Game

Superpower Boy Escape

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Rescue someone here who hardly needs any rescue and is even potentially powerful than anybody around! Superpower Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games.

In the remote village where everybody is supporting each other, there was this very strange boy who was also helpful but what he can do still mystifies the people living there, but even then they keep it a secret. That said boy had super-strength, super speed, and who knows what else he has which are not very typical at all. The boy was still very young and even though he knows what he can do, he is still quite uninformed of how important his powers were and what dangers it can bring if the rest of the world finds-out about it, that's why the village-people are keeping it a secret for the boy sometimes helps them too and that had won the hearts of everybody.

One day, one of the neighbors of the boy who was Carl was just tilling the soil outside his home when suddenly, he heard the boy from inside his home and he sounded distressed! Carl went quickly and he found the boy alone inside his house and he couldn't gt himself out! What in the world? Carl was confused why, is his powers gone? For he can just destroy the door with one flick of his finger. Well maybe it is so that's why he needs saving. Escape players, care to join Carl here as he tries to rescue the boy who was suppose to be super? Go ahead then and find some answers afterwards.

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