Supergirl Escape Game

Supergirl Escape

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Come and rescue a person here who is a super protector of the village. Supergirl Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another dose of fun adventures with us.

Everyone in the village knows that one of their residents is the so-called supergirl and she has extraordinary powers which nobody in the world can match. That's why they keep it a secret for they can be a target of this girl's enemies, in return their supergirl protects them from harm and saves them whenever they need a little push from an unnatural source. One of the closest friends of this supergirl was Marty and he too have seen the superior strength of the supergirl, her super-speed, and even resilience to ballistic stuff, it surely is amazing. But one day however, the supergirl got in-trouble and Marty was like dumbfounded how!

Their supergirl just got trapped into something in her house and she had been calling for help until Marty heard it. How can she be trapped? Are her powers gone? Or somebody discovered that she actually has a weakness? Well whatever it is Marty needs to save the supergirl not because she gives them favors, but she is his closest friend. You can join in with this rescue challenge here too with Marty escape players.

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