Super Hero Escape Game

Super Hero Escape

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Your roommate is a super hero, yup a super hero, but he annoys you though for even though he is fast and powerful, he is still a person and quite the jerk at times. People would expect superheroes to have their own houses but not this one though, for this hero is still pretty young and he needs to be near the city to respond to almost every trouble there. And that day there was one and it's quite urgent, but at the moment your superhero roommate cannot get out of the room for the thing is locked!

Well the hero could just punch is way out of there but that will only blow their cover, that's why they need to do this the normal way or risk getting ejected from the place there or get in trouble from future enemies. Okay, somebody needs help here now and it's imperative that the hero responds to it quickly, will you help-out on this escape players so that the hero can get out and save the day? Find anything then that can open that door and try not to damage anything there.

Super Hero Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from Games 2 Escape.


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