Sunless Room Escape Game

Sunless Room Escape

(51 votes, average: 2.84 out of 5)

It's so dark in here. So gloomy and depressive. You feel a growing coldness in your heart. The more time you spend here, the more cold it is. Slowly you are running out of energy. You keep trying to think of something happy and warm, but these memories are fading away somehow. It's like the house is absorbing every positive energy, it's consuming you. Who cares... Why don't you just lie down over there and sleep for a while? Why would you try to fight it? It's so tiring... NO! Get a hold of yourself! If you fall asleep now, you will never wake up, and you know it very well. Resist it. Break the magic of the house by solving the puzzles.   Good luck!


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