SunLand Escape

(35 votes, average: 4.11 out of 5)

The sunland is a small settlement slowly climbing to become a village and it stands in a green and lush area somewhere in the countryside. People who visited it before have brought good reviews about the place, for staying there was actually great, that’s why tourism of the place is steadily climbing up thus accelerating it to what the people living in there wishes it to be. But at the moment though Marco is currently experiencing something not so good there and that’s because he is lost in the place!

Marco is a visitor that day and it seems he have wandered aimlessly there to the point he got lost, he tried to get back but it seems that he only gets even more lost and he constantly gets into some dead-ends. At the moment Marco is still good but it won’t be for long though, that’s because the sun will be setting soon and it will obviously get dangerous there as well as scary. Escape players, Marco needs a little help here for it’s only a matter of time until his troubles here becomes worst. Will you be able to help him get out of there so he can still preserve his positive vibes of the place?

SunLand Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.