Sunken Secrets

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The sea is your favorite view to watch. But being in the water is a whole new story. Your siblings find you funny although they aren’t giving you any reasons. They’re all good with swimming and they can have a lot of fun in the water. But you’re always on the shore and just splash around. Then you accidentally uncover a secret inside your family library. You wish to find the treasure so bad. However, you need to be in the water to do it. You think about the treasure for the whole month. Inside your head, you’re going in and out of the water. Then something unfavorable happens to you in school and you find your at the shore. You want to let go of anything that’s stopping you from being someone great. So you bravely enter the water. You don’t care if you’ll drown.

But when the water is already above your head and you have no way of getting air, you breathe. Surprisingly, instead of drowning, you’re able to breathe comfortably. This must be what’s funny for your siblings. You spot the treasure and wish to come up with it. However, you have yet to unlock the cave. Play Sunken Secrets outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.