Sunflower Field Escape Game

Sunflower Field Escape

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Face it: you're burned out from work. So you file for a vacation leave to enjoy the countryside for awhile. Packing your bags, you're running the itinerary in your head. Since it's going to be a three-day rendezvous, you carefully plan for what you want to do. However, you also need to take care this trip doesn't stress you out or it will be for nothing. You put your things at trunk of your car and started driving.

Taking a detour to enjoy the sunshine, you pass by a field of sunflowers. They're your favorite flowers so you park your car and got out. You slowly walk between the stalks to not cause any harm. However, one misstep and you trip over a rock. You try getting up but it looks like you got a sprain in your ankle. You scream for help anyway. Whoever comes must see you beyond the tall sunflowers.

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