Summer Time House Escape Game

Summer Time House Escape

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Summer Time House Escape a is brand new point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more fun indoor escapes with us. Enjoy!

Newton was always a welcomed guest in his friend's house which was decently designed and through the years, he occasionally drops by to talk and bring food from his town. But one day when he dropped-by however, he realized that there was something going-on in his friend's place and of course, it involves his friend mainly. The house of Newton's friend was a summer house and because it is cool in there, he spends most of his time in that place and only comes back in the city a few times every year, the place was now a usual to Newton but as he arrived there, he was greeted by a new thing and it's a call for help from his friend that he was actually trapped inside!

Newton surely could not abandon his friend here who is being imprisoned by his own house, and even though he doesn't know what really happened there, he must go on the rescue before his friend gets into more trouble in the place. Escape players, Newton is going on an attempt in being a house infiltrator here, for he needs to open the doors without destroying it so he can get his friend out. Will you be able to make it on that rescue as well? Place yourself on the shoes of Newton then and good luck on the rescue in the house.


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