Sulcata Tortoise Escape Game

Sulcata Tortoise Escape

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Come along and check-out this tortoise rescue, see if you can solve this one. Sulcata Tortoise Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Avm Games. Have Fun!

Sulcata tortoises are pretty rare now in the village, the place here was once filled with them until one day, their numbers are dwindling and one can only see them occasionally roaming around the village's grounds. This could be poacher's doings and sooner or later, those tortoises will be gone from this area completely, something must be definitely done here. That is where Isaac's efforts enters, for he had been trying to save the species by breeding the tortoises and some will be released back to the wild while others will be used for more breeding purposes. That should absolutely save the species for sure, those poachers however will be a different story. One day, Isaac's tortoise population got compromised somehow, for one just broke-free from his enclosure and it's one of his rescued ones which unfortunately had some injury on it, he must go get it back before it gets hurt even more.

Isaac shall not have a tortoise get in-danger on his hands now, that's why he needs to go get that one or, he could even release it then properly if he is able to get to it. Escape players, one of Isaac's Sulcata tortoises is going to need a rescue, care to join in and see if you can all find that grounded animal? Good luck then and keep your eyes open.

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