Stylish Modern Home Escape Game

Stylish Modern Home Escape

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You have never had anything that you have now before, and well that's because you had worked really hard and that's how you got where you are now. You just bought a new and luxurious house in an exclusive village and things have been well in the place really, except one day something happened and you really thought that your house was haunted!

You were about to leave the house for you still have a mission to deliver goods to the poor communities for you totally understand them, because that's where you came from. But guess the house had different plans, for you could no longer get yourself out from it! All of the doors are locked and no matter how you tried, none would open. You thought maybe you are doing this wrong? Well clearly you are not and the doors are just jammed or something. Escape players, place yourself on the situation here now, you have to escape the house for the situation is getting more concerning as time passes. Will you be able to solve this no sweat? Try not to destroy anything then in the process, solve this with ease.

Stylish Modern Home Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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