Stylish House Escape 2 Game

Stylish House Escape 2

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The prom is the most important event of the highschool. Everything has to be perfect, so when you remember the past, you can smile with pleasure. The dance must be practiced to the maximum. The clothes have to be the best fit. Mostly, they're tailor-made. Your father made an appointment for you with one of the finest tailors around. He'll receive you today, in his house. You musn't be late, he's a very busy man, it's easy to lose the oppurtunity if you make a mistake. You've just arrived at the exact time when it was settled to. He let you in, but he was on the phone for 10 minutes. He asked for your pardon and left the room to continue his private telephone chat. After half an hour, he's still not back. Let's leave. You have to be on the dance practice. Good luck!


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