Stylish Home Escape Game

Stylish Home Escape

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Your friend was planning to hold a party in her house in the coming week. She invited you over to plan the party with her. You bought your notebooks and other references with you. You knew she would like to see these and receive some inspiration from them. Your friend was one of the greatest party goers in your group. And you understood how important it was for her to hold the best party ever. You arrived in front of her house and knocked. She was already in the living room with some of her references as well. She welcomed you in and went back to the phone. But you couldn't help but hear the conversation. She was talking to a librarian and it seemed like she would be picking up some books. Yet she wasn't the type to contact a library unless there was something big happening.

So you offered to fetch the books. But she said that a visit to the library might help her be best friends with books. So she left you in her home to start planning your own theme. You looked at your stuffs and noticed that you forgot some in your home. You tried to get out of the house. However, the house wanted you to just be inside. Play Stylish Home Escape room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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