Stylish Fox Escape Game

Stylish Fox Escape

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Stylish Fox Escape is brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Avm Games for more fun rescue adventures here in the old village. Enjoy!

The village had just been abandoned for the enemy is coming and the last ones there are traps and other things that can slow the enemy down. The kingdom had also carried everything to leave the land just to regroup in the sister kingdom, but as everyone left however, the princess remembered that she had left something and it's quite important to her and that is her stylish fox which was her pet! She knew that she had the creature, but when she checked her cage, the creature was gone. As the right-hand of the princess, Lance decided to return and rescue the fox so she won't be sad. It's all for the kingdom and so, Lance is off back to the village where the palace stands.

Lance is now roaming around and is calling for the fox to come-out, but as time passes he begins to think the creature might be trapped into something, luckily the enemy hasn't arrived yet and there's still time to find that animal wherever it is. Will Lance be able to rescue the fox as quickly as he can before the enemy enters the area? Escape players, place yourself on Lance here then, use the best of your skills and logic for an exciting rescue adventure. Have fun!

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