Style Garden Escape Game

Style Garden Escape

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The stylist's garden is like a park due to its wide space and beautiful blooming flowers. Sasha has no other place to get some flowers that day, so she asked the stylist who was quite stingy at times but she still tried her luck, well it did pay-off for she was allowed to. It's kind of weird but that's that so she just get on with it before the stylist changes his mind. Sasha was in awe of the beauty of the garden and how wide it was, but due to that fact however, Sasha got lost in the paths of the place!

The garden is beautiful and that's great, but Sasha is lost in there though and she is not ready to ask for help from the stylist who has quite a pride and she could get scolded right there for wasting his time. That means she only has to solve this problem herself, how hard can it be? Escape players, it will be dark soon so will you help Sasha here escape the garden before it does? Place yourself on the shoes of Sasha here then and try your best to find the way out.

Style Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game released by WoW Escape.

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