Street Escape 4 Game

Street Escape 4

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You don't know why but there is a group of men who keeps on following you around. They started following you since you were at the mall and then on the road. This is really creepy and it left you no choice but to stop on the street. You want to prevent them from following you at your house so this is what you did. But if you thought that they will stop there, you are wrong. They are still on your tail and the situation doesn't look good. There are men in every corner of the street and you are quite sure that they are up to something. You have to escape from this street as soon as possible.

You can't scream for help for the reason that you don't want to capture their attention. So you have to stay calm and find clues that can help you to escape. You have to move quietly but quickly. You must escape from there before they catch you. So you have to hurry and find those clues around the block. Street Escape 4 is the newest outdoor escape game that you will surely enjoy. Enjoy this exciting point n' click escape game from 365 Escape. Have fun!

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