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Everything in the old town had been abandoned and most times of the year, the place was gray for the Dracula who had been living in a castle there had made the place dark and cursed, but every time it is mysterious. There are no people in the town now and for that day it's going to have one, for James decided to check the place out for things have gone quite interesting there lately, and the itinerary is to just find-out what's there if Dracula is real and of course try not to get spotted while doing so. This is some daring adventure James will go through and it's most dangerous for not only that the Dracula is fast and cunning as an animal, it is best to assume it hadn't had its fill of the red stuff for a while and his hunger might smell him even from afar.

Escape players, trouble hadn't struck yet and James still doesn't know if the stories are true, but as soon as he finds that out then he must leave out of the place before he gets caught. Care to join in with James here as he goes in an adventure through a dark and gloomy place?

Recount your strategy here now and be careful on this adventure. Strategy is a brand new point and click dark place escape game released by First Escape Games.

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