Stranger Forest Escape Game

Stranger Forest Escape

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Stranger Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Fun Escape Games. Have Fun on this potentially dangerous forest escape!

The forest is pretty scary and only a few courageous people would go there to hunt, but Moises who lives near the place finally had it of being scared, he prepared his gear as well as everything he needed and proceeded on the path going deeper into the wilderness. Moises didn't expect what he'll find there, but he just wants to know that the place is not actually a scary forest. Well it wasn't actually for it is early that afternoon, but it changed quickly though for Moises took a wrong path and as a result, he got lost pretty quickly!

Now the real fear sets-in, for Moises is alone at the moment and when the sun goes down, everything here will be pitch-black and dangerous. Moises needs to calm-down now for panicking is the last thing he'll do and probably not even do at all, that's because the area has maze of paths and one can get pretty lost easily. Moises didn't want to get more lost in the vast forest here, care to try the forest escape with him escape players and see if you can all make it out before dark? Good luck on the journey back then everyone!

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