Stranded On The Moon

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Stranded On The Moon is a brand new point and click space escape game released by Selfdefiant. Have Fun on this escape adventure here from a place low on gravity and oxygen!

Earth’s moon is now a pretty different place from now to a thousand years later, humans have already built forts there and establishments for different purposes. There are also strange creatures living on its soil now, weird ones and vegetation too which relies heavily on solar light, everyone should stay away from the dark side of the moon though without any protection, for when there are strange creatures here in the light side, there are also stranger and creepy creatures in the dark. Well right-now that’s not the issue, for as an astronaut who just visited the moon for a week, you had really fully stayed in the place and you need to leave now before the only ship heading home for the week leaves.

Well it’s not going to be easy, for the station is still too far and gravity in the moon is not really assisting anyone to make things faster, that’s why you needed to find something that can help you so you can leave Earth’s moon quickly. Escape players, want to try this challenge and see if you can solve this time sensitive problem in space? Good luck then and enjoy the moon!

Walkthrough video for Stranded On The Moon


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