Stonehenge Escape Game

Stonehenge Escape

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You longed to be on your very own adventure. For all your life, your parents were very protective of you. Even your friends and other relatives were the same as well. You felt like they knew something about you that you shouldn't know. For a long time, you believed them and followed their directions. But you found that kind of life tiring and boring. If something was to happen to you, you were ready to accept it. So to mark the start of your independence, you looked for a place for your journey. However, there were many places that you wanted to experience. You closed your eyes and randomly chose a destination. Then your finger landed on a vast plain somewhere. You couldn't even pronounce the name correctly. Yet this added to your excitement. You spent three days preparing for your journey.

Finally, the day arrived. You looked at the wide space you could explore. But you weren't able to see the hole on the ground. You tripped and it seemed like the world felt the impact and changed as well. It was like a blur in front of your eyes. When everything steadied, you found yourself in front of a Stonehenge. Play Stonehenge Escape room escape game by Angel Escape.

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