Stone Cottage House Escape Game

Stone Cottage House Escape

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Across the land is the way to go! Kirk is currently on a journey through the wilderness for that's his newfound life, to learn more about the world and collect stories while he was still young, he plans to do this for years until he finds a place he can finally settle in. In his long adventure through the entire week, he came across a lone stone cottage on the side of the path through the forest and he thought at first that it could be abandoned. Kirk came knocking on the doors of the place for he needs a bit of help to know where he was actually heading, but it seems that there was nobody inside. Kirk thought maybe it was indeed uninhabited, so he moved but the moment he stepped away from the place, he heard a loud crash from inside!

Kirk came rushing for the crash sounded very concerning, the door was actually open and when he entered, the place seems fine and there was no felled objects or anything, but then the door behind him slammed-shut and now he is trapped! Kirk tried to open it then but it wouldn't budge, was this some sort of trap? Looks like it. Kirk doesn't want to end there so escape players will you help the confused Kirk escape from where he was so he can get-away as soon as possible?

Stone Cottage House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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