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Steampunk is the newest point and click steel place escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun and don't forget to try the rest of the escape adventures with us!

There is this huge castle made of steel and it's a kind of place that only few sees for it doesn't really stay in one place, luckily though Spencer's search for the elusive place payed-off and he even entered it undetected! The steel castle is called the steampunk and it's a part of a myth which the people knows that a moving huge thing made of different kinds of steel stuff would pass through the forest together with a mist shrouding it, that's how it gets away from people's sights, well Spencer can call himself proud for he is now on it himself, but unfortunately this mission of his is going to be a problem.

Spencer entered the place and inside it was actually pretty cool, it's filled with vintage things as well as some weird ones but not enough to get him uneasy though. Spencer continues into the place and he thought nobody seems to be here for he was never met by anyone as he ventures, that venturing and snooping of his in the steampunk however was attracting trouble, and there he actually got it. Spencer got lost in the steampunk and he felt then that the walls are closing-in! He now has the need to escape from the place as quickly as possible for this problem is absolutely going to get worst. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here with Spencer from the mysterious place called the steampunk and see if you can all escape safely? Good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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