Steampunk Town Escape (365 Escape) Game

Steampunk Town Escape (365 Escape)

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There is no way to turn back home anymore, for it is dark and the way through the forest is now pretty dangerous. Jarrod was out hunting that day when trouble came and it was already dark when he was able to fix it. There is only one way to get to safety now, and that is to maybe rent a room at the inn in the nearest town which people keep saying was weird. Well there is no other choice but to go there and so he went.

Jarrod arrived at the town and when he saw the place, he didn't expect at all of the extent of weirdness the place has, the place was downright super weird for it's like all steel in there and looks like a place from an alien world! Jarrod didn't like what he was seeing one bit, there was steam coming-out from everywhere and there seems to be no people around. All he thought the overwhelming steam which can be seen from afar was from the food being cooked there or they might have a natural sulfur pond there, but no. The steam seems to be coming from the weird machines which was dominant in the town. Jarrod had enough of this, if this is going to be dangerous to him which he thinks it will, he must get off the streets and leave the place right-now! Escape players, Jarrod decided to leave but he needs some help for he can't navigate well due to the steam. Will you help him out by finding clues and carefully too, or you'll wake something up in there.

Steampunk Town Escape is the newest point and click weird place escape game from 365 Escape.

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