Steampunk House Escape Game

Steampunk House Escape

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The mansion which was a really old place like 300 years old or so has a secret, and that is a mechanical part of the place and it's entirely powered by steam! As a historian, Dante found the place on his search for clues of the house, in his search he found the secret part of the house and he thought at first it was some sort of factory or something, it wasn't and upon further analysis, the purpose of the place is starting to unfold step by step.

That day, Dante is in that part of the house and he just keeps finding more strange contraptions everyday, that day though he was alone there for his team was out because it was rest-day. Unfortunately that will be a crucial factor, for when Dante accidentally touched something there, that activated some machinery and the end result was all the doors locking on him! Now he can't get himself out. Escape players, Dante is not going to destroy stuff in there so he can just escape, that will make his escape a lot difficult for he is holding back, well he must or risk destroying priceless stuff there. Will you help him out then by slowly tinkering with the mechanisms in the rooms?

Steampunk House Escape is the newest point and click mechanical indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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