Statue Labyrinth: A Journey Through Time

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Harold is headed somewhere in a certain point there in the green forest for it is said that there is an ancient temple there somewhere hidden amongst the vegetation, and for years treasure-hunters have tried to find this place but nobody was able to. But that day Harold made a break, for he accidentally found the place!

Harold just made a turn which he took randomly, and then he was there! The place was absolutely beautiful, untouched for centuries and the only thing that was taking it was nature. Harold needs to return to camp then for he just found a very important thing here. Escape players, will you help Harold navigate so he can return to the path where he came from?

Statue Labyrinth: A Journey Through Time is the newest point-and-click ancient place escape game created by Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Statue Labyrinth: A Journey Through Time

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